Why do Rams fans wear watermelons?


The Los Angeles Rams opened the 2022-23 NFL season today against the Buffalo Bills with a 31-10 loss. But irrespective of the result, one might have noticed some Rams fans travel with cutout watermelons on their heads.

This is akin to Green Bay Packers fans wearing cheese-shaped hats during games. But while Wisconsin is a leader in dairy and cheese, no such connection exists between Los Angeles and watermelons. So, what gives?

Lance Goldberg: A Rams superfan with a super fun idea

The concept came from Lance Goldberg, a lifelong fan of the team. He grew up in Miami, watching the Los Angeles Rams. One play made such a dent in his mind that they became his team:

“As I was watching, Jack Youngblood tipped then intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown. Right at that very moment, the Rams became my team. Game over.”

When he moved from Miami to Los Angeles, he noticed that the fans there were not as exuberant in supporting their team as he had hoped. He decided to do something crazy to show other fans that it was okay to let loose. He decided to wear a carved melon on his head.


Over the years, others started following him as well, leading to the ‘melon patch.’ It was a group of like-minded individuals like Lance. They all wore melons on their heads and preferably accumulated near the tunnel where the players came out. Their enthusiasm has gradually caught on and remained a constant for the franchise, whether based in St. Louis or Los Angeles.

According to Lance, the only way to become a melonhead is very simple. The first time is the trial and once you do it the second time, you are in for life. What started as a simple means to show that fans had the right to support their team without inhibitions has now become a massive movement. So much so that the humble fruit is now related to the club.

But when asked what melons have to do with Los Angeles, Lance again confirmed that they have no relation to the city. And perhaps that is a central theme of the sport that he chose to reinforce: it does not have to make sense, it just needs to be fun.

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