What happened to Alexa Nikolas? Zoey 101 drama explained as star exposes Jamie Lynn Spears for lying in her new book


“Things I Should Have Said” writer Jamie Lynn Spears is under fire from her former Zoey 101 co-star Alexa Nikolas. The latter has accused the 30-year-old of lying in her new memoir. She made the accusations on her Instagram profile, ensuing a slew of drama.

Too Fab reported that Jamie Lynn blames her breakout with Alexa Nikolas on the latter feeling “left out” on the Nickelodeon Zoey 101 filming sets. Jamie Lynn adds that Nikolas must have felt that way after the former became closer to Kristin Herrera.

Jamie Lynn also accused Nikolas of spreading rumors about the former being “mean or b*tchy.” One of Jamie Lynn’s book excerpt on Aleka Nikolas allegedly read:

“I began to suspect that she was interested in having me thrown off the show in the hopes they could make Alexa the star.”

The news site also reported that Britney Spears confronted Nikolas about her behavior on the sets and told her that she “wouldn’t keep jobs if she continued to treat people,” the way she supposedly treated Jamie Lynn.

After the confrontation, Nikolas left the show in the second season and stated that she was bullied on set. In response, Jamie Lynn acused Nikolas of doing so to “garner attention.”

Alexa Nikolas responds to Jamie Lynn Spear’s memoir excerpts

In a scathing post, the 29-year-old Hidden Hills actress accused Jamie Lynn Spears of “lying up a storm” and branded Jamie Lynn as a “bully.” This comes after the aforementioned excerpts from the latter’s book were shared on social media.

Nikolas added that she thought the relationship between the two was fine, but Jamie Lynn tried to use her for the Zoey 101 music video “to make herself look better.” At the same time, Nikolas decided to speak up about what had happened to her on the filming sets in her perspective. She also stated that she was “left out” during the reunion reboot.

She then expressed curiosity as to why it took long for Jamie Lynn “to address the issue.” However, the actress was pleased to see Jamie Lynn “apologize finally,” hence she “forgave her.”

Alexa Nikolas added that she unfollowed her co-actress after the “Britney Spears family situation” came into being which was “deeply saddening.” She added that she once again felt that Jamie was being fake and her reaching out all of a sudden felt insincere.

A few days later Jamie Lynna allegedly reached out to Nikolas to send her a “gift.” Which she thought was “super bizarre,” after Nikolas unfollowed her on Instagram. She stated that she was unware of what was going on with her but didn’t want to part of the drama.

Alexa Nikolas called Jamie a bully and a victim card player

Nikolas then called Jamie Lynn a “bully” and recognized that she was playing the “victim card.” She also accused her of “straight up lying.” Following the latter’s attempt to send her a gift, Nikolas responded by asking her to stop sending gifts and contacting her.

Alexa Nikolas mentioned that Jamie Lynn did not make any effort to reach out to her personally because the latter was consciously choosing to lie and she would get called out by Nikolas if she attempted to talk to her.

Nikolas then confirmed that “nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened.” She continued:

“I wish I could go back in time and tell my 12 year old self that you are actually extremely lucky to not have a friend like her. You are way better without her. You don’t need toxic people in your life like that and you deserve better.”

Since uploading her Instagram post, Nikolas has also added to her stories that she “stand[s] with Britney.” She added that she stood with her and heard her words loud and clear.

Alexa Nikolas' recent Instagram stories (Image via matchthesource/Instagram)
Alexa Nikolas’ recent Instagram stories (Image via matchthesource/Instagram)

In another Instagram story, she said:

“Forget all your crocodile tears and unfollow ne Ooh-ooh-ooh.”

This may have been directed towards Jamie Lynn Spears.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha