Vince McMahon’s WWE Executive update


While Vince McMahon was on WWE SmackDown, his trusted second, John Laurinaitis, was reportedly never scheduled to be there.

The latest episode of the blue brand saw Vince McMahon kick-off the show after news of him stepping back from his position was released. During the segment, he talked about the brand’s tagline, “Then, Now, Forever, Together.” However, another person who was involved with the recent allegations was John Laurinaitis, who was a no-show for Friday’s affair.

It was reported by Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio that he was never set to appear in Minneapolis despite internet rumors suggesting he was present for the show.

“John Laurinaitis was never scheduled to be in Minneapolis tonight. So him not being there is not necessarily any kind of a story. I mean he wasn’t there, but there were some internet rumors that he was there. He was not there and not scheduled to be there.” [H/T WrestlingNews.Co]


Recent reports suggest that things are not looking good for the executive. As shared earlier, it was hinted that Johnny Ace would pose as a scapegoat for McMahon.

John Laurinaitis is reportedly scheduled for WWE’s Monday Night RAW amid the Vince McMahon investigation

Although he did wasn’t slated for Friday, it was additionally reported that Laurinaitis would be there for Monday. However, it’s said that if he is a no-show, there would definitely be a story.

“I believe he’s scheduled to be there on Monday, but I don’t know that 100%. But if he’s not there on Monday I would say then maybe there is a story. As far as he goes, it’s going to be tough for him just because of the position that he’s in for one. Vince is the boss and it’s harder to get rid of him obviously. But for John, it’s a bad look.”

Until the conclusion of the investigation into recent allegations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love @WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world.…

Following the allegations, it was then announced that Vince’s real-life daughter, Stephanie McMahon, would be taking over. In a press release, it was shared that she will be WWE’s interim CEO and Chairwoman for the time being.

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