Vince Carter the victim of terrifying home burglary while his family hid in a closet


It was a harrowing weekend for Vince Carter and his family, with the former NBA star being a victim of a home invasion and robbery, with thieves making away with almost 100,000 dollars in cash.

After spending the latter part of his career with the Atlanta Hawks, Carter still resides in the city. His wife, Sondi, and the couple’s two sons were forced to hide in a closet on Sunday evening as thieves broke into their home and committed the robbery.

Sondi called 911 from inside the closet after hearing the burglars break into the house downstairs, whilst she also was said to have sent a text message to the local neighbourhood patrol.

How much was stolen?

An amount worth just shy of 100,000 dollars was stolen from Carter’s residence during the incident, although police officers who arrived at the home shortly after it took place were understood to have found at least 16,000 dollars worth of 100 dollar bills which had been spilled onto the patio outside the home.

What is remarkably unusual about this situation, especially in 2022, is the fact that Carter kept a brown paper bag of cash, up to a value of 100,000 dollars, in his master bedroom closet.

Carter‘s weapon collection was also in the closet, yet that remained with a Gold Desert Eagle remaining in its gun case, whilst a black Glock 26 was untouched.

An investigation into the robbery has now begun in earnest, and a fingerprint was lifted from a side door that the suspects are understood to have used.

Carter recently signed with ESPN

After retiring from the NBA in 2020, Carter bought the house for 7m dollars, and has recently signed a deal with ESPN to work as an analyst on the sport, which is likely to be a well-paid position.