Video of Jerry Jones’ car accident in Dallas shows it wasn’t his fault


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got in a car accident on Harry Hines Boulevard near downtown Dallas on May 4, and now there’s video of the accident that lets you see how it went down.

The video of the crash was obtained by TMZ, of course; it was taken from the dashcam of another car, owned by one Allen Roberson Jr., according to TMZ, and shows pretty clearly that Jones was not at fault.

The accident takes place on a one-way section of the three-lane Harry Hines going northbound. Jones was maybe headed for the Tollway. According to the video’s timestamp, it takes place at around 6:10 pm, at the intersection of Wolf Street.

Roberson’s car is stopped at the intersection where the accident occurs, and captures the entire thing, with sound effects to boot.

The video shows a silver Hyundai traveling in the right lane, then kind of teetering across the other lanes to make a left turn. Along comes Jones in the left lane, in a dark sedan, driving at a good clip. Boom, he slams into the center of the other car in the middle of the intersection. At the end of the video, you can hear the thud of the impact.

The Hyundai spins around and then the two cars slowly meet head-to-head.

The video then cuts to the two cars parked in the drive-thru in front of the Hyatt House Dallas Uptown hotel. This Allen Roberson, Jr. guy is dedicated. It shows Jones on the lawn with his left pant leg rolled up, checking his knee. Roberson gives his info to Jones and the other driver.

According to his son Stephen Jones, Jones was checked in to Parkland Hospital after the crash, but was released a few hours later.