Dr Jenelle Kim and Deepak Chopra

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are turning to ancient remedies to find natural and holistic solutions for their health and wellness needs. One such expert in the field is Dr Jenelle Kim, a renowned herbalist, Founder and Chief Formulator of JBK Wellness Labs.

Dr Jenelle Kim has dedicated her life to studying and unlocking the secrets of ancient remedies. She believes that nature provides us with everything we need to achieve optimal health and well-being. Through her extensive research and collaboration with traditional healers from around the world, Dr. Kim has developed a range of products that harness the power of ancient remedies and are rooted in the teachings of the Royal Dr. Heo Jun of Korea. Dr. Kim is a 9th generation Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and her family lineage of herbologists were avid teachers and adherents to the great Doctor, Heo Jun, who was the Court Physician of the Korean Joseon Dynasty.

JBK Wellness Labs offers a wide range of products from hair, skin and body care to nutritional supplements, pain relieving products, stress relief as well as a complete pet line, all of which are carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients and formulas. Each product is designed to promote balance and harmony in the body safely and effectively which is a key principle behind ancient remedies.

“When the body is in balance, it is better able to heal itself and maintain overall wellness,” says Dr. Kim, “and our products are formulated to support this balance, helping to restore harmony to the body and mind.”

More About Dr Jenelle Kim

In addition to JBK Wellness Labs, Dr Jenelle Kim is also a sought-after speaker and educator and has been featured in endless national and global publications such as Forbes and Good Morning America. She shares her knowledge and expertise through workshops, seminars, and online courses, helping others unlock the secrets of ancient remedies for themselves. Dr. Kim was recently a guest speaker at the Global Womans Summit in London with Deepak Chopra and was awarded the prestigious 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dr Jenelle Kim has been featured in national and global publications

Products of JBK Wellness can be found in high-end resorts, hotels, spas and national grocery chains, including:

If you’re interested in exploring the world of ancient remedies and discovering natural solutions for your health and wellness needs, look no further than Dr Jenelle Kim and JBK Wellness Labs. Their commitment to quality, authenticity, and effectiveness sets them apart in the industry. Unlock the secrets of ancient remedies and embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being today!

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