This Philly Burger Will Set You Back $700


Visitors to a Philadelphia burger bar might want to pay attention to the menu prices—one new cheeseburger at DBG will set them back $700. NBC10 explains: The “Gold Standard” burger includes 8 ounces of Japanese wagyu beef, aged Irish cheddar, plus caviar, black truffle, and lobster that’s been flambeed in ritzy cognac. “We gold-plate it with edible, 24-karat gold,” co-owner Vasiliki Tsiouris-Balis tells WPVI. Yes, it also comes with fries. Plus, for those who imbibe, a 1-ounce pour of the aforementioned booze, Louis XIII Cognac, which UPI notes costs $5,000 per bottle.

You won’t catch Hannah Albertine of Philadelphia Magazine digging in. In “the year 2023, no burger safe for human consumption should cost $700,” she writes. And for the record, you could get that amount of wagyu beef for $70, by the magazine’s math. The piece offers alternative ways to spend $700 on food in the city, including “58 turnip hoagies at Honeysuckle Provisions in West Philly.” Those who still want a burger but would like to spend much, much less can visit the same eatery during happy hour to pick up a “smash” burger for under $3. (Read more luxury living stories.)