Reporters Should ‘Cover Hollywood’ If They’re Bored With Biden

  • Psaki said that reporters who are bored with covering Biden should get a different job.
  • “Maybe you should work for Us Magazine and cover scandals in Hollywood,” she said in an interview.
  • “I don’t find that boring. I work in the government,” she said.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that reporters who find covering the Biden administration boring should instead get a job with an entertainment publication.

Psaki, the president’s top spokesperson, defended the White House’s commitment to serving the American people and called out members of the media who may think the work is not glamorous. 

“When I hear people say it’s boring, it’s a return to normal, that means we are doing our best to be transparent with the public,” Psaki said in an interview with a Snapchat news show “Good Luck America” released Tuesday. “We’re trying to get the pandemic under control. We’re trying to put people back to work.”

“I don’t find that boring. I work in the government. If you find that boring, I don’t know. Maybe you should work for Us Magazine and cover scandals in Hollywood,” she added.

Some journalists have previously described Psaki’s daily press briefings and covering the Biden administration as “boring.” Biden even called a speech he gave about his economic plans in Illinois earlier this month “boring.”

Under the Trump administration, White House reporters had to cover countless controversies and carry out rigorous fact-checking of the former president’s claims. A new scandal unraveled almost every day at the White House, whether it was former President Donald Trump tweeting attacks on politicians or downplaying the coronavirus pandemic.

The Biden administration has aimed to depart from a White House filled with drama to one that hardly generates noise. On day one of Biden’s presidency, Psaki struck a new tone and pledged to bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.”

She told the Snapchat news show “there’s no question” that reporters “were impacted by the Trump era,” but argued that they should not be seeking out scoops focused on gossip.

“You don’t cover the federal government or policy-making or legislating, or you shouldn’t, I should say, because you are looking for a scandal or you’re looking for a personality-driven story, or you’re looking for stories about people’s love lives,” she said.

“That’s not really what we do here,” she added. “What we’re trying to do every day is make policy and work on behalf of the American people.”

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