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Readers sound off on the Pelosi attacker, energy markets and crime victim aid – New York Daily News


Swarthmore, Pa.: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was violently assaulted their San Francisco home and the intruder, David Depape, was screaming, “Where is Nancy?”

What we can say is that in this climate of extreme demonization of opposing political ideologies in general, and of Speaker Pelosi in particular, it can hardly be called a surprise. It was only a matter of time before the violent rhetoric once again morphed into actual physical violence.

This event is likely a reflection of the white-hot palpable tension and unrequited grievance being felt by those on the margins of society. There is a segment of Americans for whom the hope of achieving the American dream has vanished and for whom their way of life and status in society feels threatened. For them, violently acting out is the only recourse they believe they have left. Hurting the speaker’s husband is a way of attacking her and, by extension, lashing out against the left-wing ideology they blame as the cause of America’s decline.

Such violence, however reprehensible it is and as shocking as it is, is not really unexpected. Maybe when people talk of American exceptionalism, they should rightly be referring to our exceptionally violent character. Ken Derow

Carmel, N.Y.: Too bad the Pelosis apparently couldn’t afford security guards or alarms on their million-dollar home. Nancy is worth only $120 million. Sue McCormack

Clearwater, Fla.: Just a few short months ago, the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices were targeted by protesters after the Roe v. Wade draft leak. And there was also an assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Despite its seriousness, it was buried by the mainstream media. President Biden didn’t pray for Kavanaugh and his family as he did for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul and her entire family. Just a few months ago, Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was attacked on stage at a New York campaign rally. And there was also a recent shooting outside of Zeldin’s home while his two teenage daughters were inside. I don’t recall Biden praying for Zeldin and his family. Not only has Biden done nothing to unite our nation as he promised but he only condemns attacks against Democrats. Nevertheless, the attack on Pelosi’s husband illustrates that what goes around, comes around. JoAnn Lee Frank

Fresh Meadows: The vicious attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was horrific! It was fortunate that the police arrived immediately. Were there any security cameras in the house? Why weren’t there security guards protecting it? As Mr. Pelosi recovers from his serious injuries, we all wish him a speedy recovery. This should be a warning sign that these types of attacks against people of importance, including politicians, are increasing in frequency across this country. Our democracy is being threatened by radical groups and there is more and more anti-democratic commentary on various media outlets also. Our country is rapidly spiraling into a potential political cataclysm, which is indeed very bad. John Amato

Brooklyn: The Republican Party is supposedly determined to protect our constitutional rights. They are demonstrating this by removing the right of women to decide their own health issues and making every effort to remove our right to vote if we are other than white. Now, due to their devastating rhetoric, a duly elected official can be prevented from legislating by having her family attacked in the middle of the night. If they’re allowed to keep up this so-called protection, we will have no rights left. Frank Barilla

Manhattan: To all of those voters who believe that Donald Trump has eluded justice and side-stepped New York State law for far too long, but are contemplating voting for Lee Zeldin for governor: One of the first things the Republican candidate will likely do is pardon the former president for all New York State crimes. Think about that likelihood before you cast your vote. Dan Gheno

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Brooklyn: A primer on how fuel prices work for Voicer Robert Kralick, who blames President Biden: Gas prices were low under President Donald Trump because of the pandemic, when commerce and travel slowed. Demand decreased, so prices fell. Oil and natural gas are commodities sold on world markets, and market forces set the prices. The Keystone Pipeline would have just increased supplies to sell to the highest bidder. The U.S. is already the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas — and much of it is being exported. The U.S. government cannot force companies to allocate supplies for domestic consumption. But Biden signed legislation that will bring down energy costs for Americans: the Inflation Reduction Act. It will stimulate massive investments by private companies in the cheapest forms of energy generation, wind and solar. Their power is generated here and delivered directly as electricity to U.S. businesses and consumers, not exported. And since the fuel is free, there won’t be market-driven price spikes. Clean energy will bring us true energy independence. Stephanie Doba

Mineola, L.I.: I dreamt that I saw two consecutive letters in The News from Trump-loving Voicers Bob Pascarella and Robert Kralick, then I read the Voice of the People on Friday morning and found that my nightmare was real. Philip Martone

Manchester, N.J.: I have been voting for 68 years and the one thing that has always stood out for me was the rule that no electioneering is allowed within a certain distance from the polls! So why are armed militias allowed near the polls? That is certainly silent electioneering called intimidation! Alan Berman

Staten Island: My lifelong friend Angela Coyle, nee Connolly, from Bay Ridge, passed away a few weeks ago. From the second I found out, I knew our city was the worse for this loss, not only those of us who loved her. This was a lady who, on 9/11, after getting her kids home from school, ran into lower Manhattan to help, like so many. Being from a fire family, she later helped FDNY widows and orphans while serving with the FDNY Foundation and got many unions to donate time and material to building their offices. When Katrina hit New Orleans, she reached out to carpenters union officials she knew and built a group of NYC union tradesmen to go down and rebuild the destroyed firehouses. Through all of this, she went to schools with her puppet to teach children about abuse. Angela was the epitome of what it means to be a New Yorker — helping, standing up, being for good. Don’t be afraid to stand up for good folks, please. Be Angela. Tom McGuire

Kew Gardens: The young man pushed onto the subway tracks suffered serious injuries both physical and mental (”Shoved onto tracks by stranger,” Oct. 23). He will have medical bills for treatment now and perhaps in the future for trauma. In the event the police have not informed him and others who are victims of crimes, they can seek compensation from the state Office of Victim Services. Moreover, I think the Office of the Mayor should have a liaison who reaches out to these victims for a follow-up to make sure they are getting all the assistance they need. Phil Serpico

Glen Cove, L.I.: Re the tent city: Maybe the NYC homeless should be there? Paul Bekanich

Ridgewood, N.J.: Re “2 Rikers jails lose heat days after system was OKd,” Oct. 28): How dare the Prisoner’s Rights Project at the Legal Aid Society put prisoners ahead of the poor who are housed in city housing! The buildings under the city’s Housing Authority routinely lose heat, hot water and electricity. Those in public housing should come before those imprisoned for violating the rights of others. Where is their representation? Peter J. Peirano


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