Rams BREAKING: Odell Beckham Jr. Makes Official Free-Agency Visit to Los Angeles


One of the main factors in the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI run was wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

And maybe he is taking a step toward doing it again.

On Thursday night in the Rams season opener against the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium, he was once again in the building, joining his former teammates in their pre-game Super Bowl celebration. 

The Rams lost, of course, 31-10. But they haven’t yet lost OBJ, it seems, as he made an official NFL free agency visit to the Rams, sources tell us.

“At this game overwhelmed wit emotion I don’t kno how to feel,” Beckham Tweeted from the sidelines. “Part of me wants to be out there, and the other part of me is enjoying watching the benefits of the hard work these people put in!”