Punches, Shoving During Fight At US Disney World. Here’s Why


The fight started after an argument between the familes.

An argument between two families turned into a mass fight at Walt Disney World in Orlando. According to Fox News, the argument started after one family asked another to move so that they could take a photo in front of the iconic 100-year anniversary sign installed at the park. A video of the brawl has been posted on social media and shows the group throwing punches at each other. Around 10 members appeared to be involved in the chaos that took place on Monday.

Fox News quoted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as saying that the fight started at 2.30 pm at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. The members of one family were standing in front of the sign while the other one was waiting on one side.

When the second family asked the larger group to move in order to make rook to take the picture, a person from the group began throwing punches.

The fight went on for several minutes leaving other visitors shocked. Some of them filmed the two families fighting and the clips appeared on social media.

The employees, meanwhile, called security for backup, according to New York Post.

The families were cursing at each other before security personnel arrived and separated them. One of the men was on the floor and was having trouble getting up.

The sheriff’s office said at least one person received medical treatment after the fight, but they haven’t pressed any charges, the outlet said in its report.

This is not the first time that a fight has broken out at the Disney World. In July 2022, a massive fight involving 10 people erupted when families got into heated argument outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic theatre.

Disney even issued a warning last year against unruly behaviour at its theme parks in Florida and California after complaints of violence.