Panama City Beach flies double red flags in preparation for Fred



PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — If you were at the beach on Sunday, you might have noticed the single red flags.

Beach officials said they are ready for anything and want to go into Tropical Storm Fred prepared.

“So the red flags are up as we anticipate the storm to, you know, put some changes to our waters and how the water reacts to that storm entering the Gulf,” said Tim Smith, Panama City Fire Rescue Battalion Chief.

Tropical storm conditions could bring waves of nine to 14 feet.

On top of that, the forecast calls for three to five inches of rain.

“We have the storm surge and the heavy rain at the same time, then the water has nowhere to go,” said Phil Chester, PCB City Councilman.

Just past dinner time on Sunday, double-flags began to fly high.

Chief Smith said the double red flags will most likely stay up through Tuesday, at least, as beach conditions are expected to deteriorate Sunday night through Monday.

“The water looks beautiful, but, that shifting in winds can change things very rapidly, and we just want to make sure that our guests and our residents understand that. There’s always a danger involving that Gulf, and the red flags are there to remind them of that,” said Smith.