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“So he said how are you Harry? I said How are You, Son? Through the too many games and the too many names,

I still think… you’re the one”

Whether our perhaps erstwhile striker will one day stash the bill in the shirt is as of yet unknown. But what we did learn yesterday? That City have real problems playing us at the new ground, and once again failed to score? Already done and dusted. That Spurs can win a really big game without their best player and talisman? Been there before, a side coached by Nuno and now in Blue and White can surrender possession, but defend well enough and counter even better to actually win the game against perhaps the world’s best club? Ahem.. we knew it already.

Other than that Japhet Tanganga just might be our answer at right-back, and that the combined pace of Lucas, Bergwijn and Son will cause any defence problems, and that Oliver Skipp learned how to play midfield with the Canaries, perhaps what we really learned comes down to something far simpler and yet also harder to grasp.

The Spurs heart still beats. No matter where our Number 10 was located—and in this case it was somewhere out of camera shot apparently—and what people think about our prospects, this football club is still capable of great things. And yes he was most definitely watching—as was the City Board and all of the Abu Dhabi sheikdom.

Does Pep have even more ammunition to try to get Levy’s price matched? Or does the latter grow even more stubborn about holding his player’s feet to the contractual fire, and perhaps adding a Martinez or a Vlahovic for good measure? Is this all Kabuki—and the inevitable outcome will simply be held ‘til the Leviest last minute—or are there real considerations being weighed on both sides, and even in the heads of Messrs Kane and Kane? I don’t know. I have been prepared for two weeks now ever since the “strike” began to usher him out—at anything close to the right price—and have both parties in this ugly divorce get on with their lives. I suspect most of the fan base has been where I’ve been—and many still are, knowing now the payday will be at its optimum. 

Yet I’m also willing to forgive—never forget—but accept him back (see Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers for this exact outcome) for another year and hope that his trophy and other ambitions outweigh the state of his ankles and whatever fracture has occurred between him and the only Premier League club he’s ever known. The team is still a decided underdog for Top Four status—such is the talent on display at the three top sides who won convincingly this weekend, and we know the one which lost yesterday has seen this movie before and is eminently capable of a quick correction. But beating Leicester and West Ham will produce some joy—as will what has now become a customary shunting aside of our North London rivals.

Let’s see Tangana, Gil, Skipp and perhaps Sessegnon develop. Let’s see how good Romero might be. And Dele try to recharge his lost career. And whether Kane does get a strike partner which enables him and Son to rise to even greater heights. Let’s wonder if Gollini might be the heir apparent, and if all he does is help manage our way through a bizarre but still trophy contained European competition, that might be sufficient. Let’s see whether Nuno can make us feel one-half as warm and fuzzy as we did with Poch, which will be multiple times more than we ever did with the guy in between.

You’re now One of Somebody’s Own, Harry. Maybe your brother. Or your family. Or the mercenary crew at City. But we won’t forget you—maybe we can have one last fling. Might be fun. Might be worth it. We’ll take being an actress knowing you’ll be learning to fly.


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