NYC to run out of monkeypox vaccine by Monday, awaits Biden resupply


The Big Apple is set to burn through its limited supply of monkeypox vaccine by Monday, leaving New Yorkers — particularly members of the LGBT community — in a lurch as Pride Weekend festivities get underway.

The Health Department told The Post on Friday it has received just 1,000 doses of the inoculation from the Biden administration through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and does not have an estimated date for resupply.

“New York City is among the first in the nation to offer monkeypox vaccinations and as of this afternoon, all available appointments are booked through Monday,” said city Health Department spokesman Patrick Gallahue.

“We hope to make more appointments available soon,” he added. “We are in talks with the CDC to obtain more doses and are looking into how we can boost our capacity citywide.”

City officials on Thursday launched their first vaccination site at the DOH clinic in Chelsea and administered 275 shots during the first day, even though the online booking system was quickly overwhelmed.

Those problems extended to the phone system run by the DOH contractor, MedRite, which New Yorkers frustrated with the technical glitches online dialed to make appointments — only to discover those appointments were not logged into the system.

The Health Department received 1,000 doses of the inoculation from the Biden administration.
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New york residents
The department hopes to add more vaccination appointments soon.
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A Post reporter saw at least one frustrated New Yorker with an appointment made over-the-phone turned away on Friday.

The website glitches and shot shortages echo the problems that bedeviled the early days of the COVID vaccine rollout.

Scientists say that monkeypox is contagious but not airborne. Instead, it is predominately spread through skin-to-skin contact, meaning that cases are primarily contracted through intimate contact like canoodling on a dance floor.

There have been several outbreaks linked to all-night dance parties, spas and backrooms frequented by gay men, which has prompted health officials to launch public awareness campaigns in the LGBTQ community.

Activists in the LGBT community have criticized the local and federal public health officials in the US for moving more slowly than their counterparts in the United Kingdom and Canada when it comes to expanding testing and vaccination.