Nick Kyrgios Asks Commentator to Explain Rule He Broke in Wacky Sequence (Video)


Nick Kyrgios is no stranger to controversy on the tennis court, and Sunday night at the U.S. Open was no exception. 

Kyrgios’s fourth-round match against top-seeded Daniil Medvedev took a bizarre turn in the third set. Medvedev returned a Kyrgios shot over by the officials’ stand and Kyrgios swatted it back from Medvedev’s side of the net.

Kyrgios’s move, however, was illegal because he crossed over to the opponent’s side of the net and hit the ball before it bounced. The point was awarded to Medvedev as a result.

Confused by the ruling, Kyrgios asked ESPN tennis commentator Patrick McEnroe, who was courtside, for clarity on why the play was illegal.