New Ram Allen Robinson says Sean McVay’s offense will allow him to thrive

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Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson will play for the third franchise of his career, but is optimistic that this will be the best situation for him thus far. The one-time Pro Bowler has spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears, going through three head coaches with the two teams and says Rams head coach Sean McVay will allow his game to thrive.

Robinson said:

“Coach [Sean] McVay and the offense that he’s put together and offense that these guys run, it’s been a top offense in the league for a reason. I truly believe that it’ll bring the best out of me, and I’ll be able to display all the elements of my game,”

Robinson says McVay’s coaching approach is beneficial for the team.

“It’s his coaching style that truly allows players to play freely and then we just correct off of that,” he said. “So whenever I step onto the field, I’m able to be myself. And if I do mess up something or am wrong here, he’ll correct me and we’ll just keep it pushing. Every time I step on the field, I feel like I can be and play at my best self.”

He continued, adding that the team makes corrections as it practices, but that McVay allows the players to play their game.

“He allows players to play. He corrects us and things like that, but it’s his ability to allow players to play,” Robinson said. “Each and every day we go out there and as we’re practicing and things like that, we’re able to make corrections and make adjustments based on things that guys are doing right or doing wrong.”

Robinson will add another dimension to the explosive Rams attack, joining Super Bowl-winning quarterback Matthew Stafford and fellow receiver Cooper Kupp, who is coming off a record season.