Mike Brown drops Stephen Curry, Dubs truth bomb


San Francisco, Ca – Monday night’s game was full of emotions for the Golden State Warriors. It was a night of good and bad feelings, and it was hard for some to control these sentiments. Draymond Green’s college teammate and friend was killed, Steve Kerr tested positive for Covid-19, and Mike Brown accepted the vacant head coaching job for the Sacramento Kings.

All of that happened before playing a scrappy Memphis Grizzlies team without Ja Morant. The unfortunate events obviously bothered the team off the court, and it carried on to the court for the first three quarters. The Warriors trailed the entire game but the game was close. Brown knew if they were in striking distance they could win the game.

“Anytime you have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan pool on the floor and then a guy if he wasn’t hurt, he would have been Defensive Player of the Year in Draymond Green on the floor, you know good things can happen,” Brown told ClutchPoints.

In the fourth quarter of the game, good things happened. Stephen Curry erupted for 18 points and gave the Warriors their first lead of the game. That was the only lead change of the game and the Dubs went on to win the game 101-98. The win gives them a 3-1 series lead and Curry finished the game with 32 points.

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Now the Warriors are looking forward to their next game. They hope to make the Grizzlies the second team in this year’s playoffs that they close out in five games. If they are successful on Wednesday, they will be making their first Conference Finals since 2019.

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