Letter: Herbster would bring change | Letters


While I disagree with many of Charles Herbster’s policy positions, I will be voting for him in the primary. This is because it is not the political positions which should drive our voting but the character of the candidate in question.

One of Herbster’s most scathing and controversial attacks has come from Sen. Julie Slama. Her allegations of sexual misconduct come too close to the election.

Slama has supported an effort to end the nonpartisan nature of our state Legislature. She is a steadfast ally to Gov. Pete Ricketts, a supporter of Jim Pillen and the GOP establishment.

If the GOP establishment gets its way and Pillen or Lindstrom are nominated, we are sure to see more attacks on Nebraska’s political institutions. They want to tell you what to believe and who to vote for – all in a desperate attempt to hold on to political power.

I don’t believe in being told what to believe or who to vote for, but that’s exactly what the party establishment wants. It’s bad business for the establishment if Herbster gets nominated, because he will shake things up and allow for a broader policy debate.

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I am not voting for Herbster because I agree with him on everything. I am voting for Herbster because he will allow for a greater diversity of thought, more policy options to choose from and accountability for elected officials.

Join me in upholding our freedom to choose the government we want and our independence from political party crooks. Vote Herbster!