Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards placed on COVID-19 List


Jackson talked about his excitement for training camp and the upcoming season this week on “The Lounge” podcast, and he had prepared diligently, participating in multiple workouts with teammates this offseason in Florida and Arizona. However, dealing with the virus remains a concern for every NFL team.

Speaking on Tuesday before Jackson’s positive test was announced, veteran defensive end Calais Campbell said COVID-19 was still on the minds of players, even though the Ravens have a vaccination rate in the 90-percent range among players.

“I think the biggest thing is just trying to make sure that we don’t have any big outbreaks and keeping the game safe,” said Campbell, who was stricken with the virus last season, but who was vaccinated during the offseason.

“I think 85% of the league is vaccinated. I believe this team is even higher than that. And so, the majority of the guys are going to be able to have the proper protocols. But for the few who feel strongly against it or chose not to get vaccinated, being in the NFLPA – being an executive committee member – my job is to protect them, give them all the rights they can. I’m a fan of the vaccination. I got it for myself, and I will encourage a guy if I think that he wants to get vaccinated, to get more information, and if he doesn’t, that’s fine.”