Kloucan Mexican Bar and Grill

The chef and co-owner of Kolucan Mexican Bar and Grill, Gino Calleja, wanted to offer something new to Sarasota’s eating scene when he came up with the idea for this new Mexican eatery. Calleja, who is most known for his other local restaurant, Reyna’s Taqueria, collaborated with fellow chef, Jose Rojas, to create Kolucan.

Kolucan owners Gino Calleja and Jose Rojas
Chefs Gino Calleja Jose Rojas

Calleja named the business after San Lucas Colucan, the Mexican city where he and his family are originally from. “Kolucan had been in my head for many years,” he recalls. He continues, “I always liked strong words and I thought it would be cool to honor my parents and the town.” The letter “k” is used while translating numerous words in Nahuatl, a language native to Mexico.

Kolucan Rooted in History

The recipes that are served, which are inspired by the cuisines of other states in the union, are equally creatively prepared by Calleja and Rojas. “Every region of Mexico has distinct flavors, just like here in the United States,” he claims. “We aim to stand out from the crowd and provide items rooted in our histories and heritage while retaining their essential elements and distinctive flavors in a novel way.” Try the Huachinango a la Veracruz, which is fried wild snapper accompanied by roasted garlic-epazote potatoes and cilantro chimichurri, along with onions, peppers, jalapenos, capers, and vino blanco sauce. Calleja suggests sampling the Tostadas de Tinga, which consist of three crispy corn tortillas topped with avocado, queso fresco, refried beans, and chicken tinga.

Along with a delectable dinner, customers may take in the Frida lounge, which is styled with artwork created by Lipstick Lex, an artist who performs live painting at Kolucan once a month. Calleja is thrilled to present the variety of Mexican cuisine to the increasing number of diverse individuals relocating to the Sarasota area.

Hours of Operation

BRUNCH:  Saturday – Sunday | 10:00A – 3:00P 

LUNCH:  Monday – Friday | 11:00A – 3:00P 

DINNER:  Monday – Saturday | 5:00P – 10:00P


Monday – Saturday | 3:00P – 6:00P 


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