Jury awards Sandy Hook parents $4 million in Alex Jones’ trial


AUSTIN, Texas — After a full day of deliberations, a jury awarded two Sandy Hook parents $4.11 million in the first verdict in the Alex Jones defamation trial. Punitive damages must still be decided.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis won their defamation lawsuit against Jones, who promoted the Sandy Hook shootings that killed their son Jesse as a “hoax” staged with “crisis actors.” The trial that concluded Wednesday focused on how much the jury will award the parents, who are claiming Jones’ “lies” are causing fear, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, on top of the grief that comes with losing a child.

Sandy Hook parents v. Alex Jones

Heslin and Lewis were in the courtroom when the judge read the jury’s verdict and had no discernible reaction.

Jones’ attorney Andino Reynal said his client was happy with the verdict. “I think on behalf of the entire legal team today was an absolute vindication for the American legal system,” Reynal said. “We’re very pleased with the verdict thus far and we look forward to presenting the rest of the case.”

The jury will return on Friday to hear from more witnesses to decide punitive damages.

“That’s a darn good start and we now have the punishment phase,” attorney Mark Bankston said.