Hundreds rally in downtown Pittsburgh for abortion amid Supreme Court rumor – WPXI


PITTSBURGH — Hundreds are gathered downtown at the City-County Building as Women’s March Pittsburgh rallies against the Supreme Court’s pending ruling on overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Police at the rally said they estimate there to be about a thousand people in attendance.

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Organizers said the rally aims to “mobilize at our peaceful protest to defend reproductive justice, unfettered abortion access, and everything we need to support and grow our families to thrive and live healthy lives.”

“My body, my choice and we will say hands off our body,” said Tracy Baton, director of the Pittsburgh Women’s March.

Organizers are expecting a much larger turnout than the last event with upwards of three thousand people as well as counter protesters.

They will start at the City County Building and eventually march to Market Square for additional speeches and demonstrations.

“We are as concerned as we always are. We maintain our concerns about safety. We connect with both Pittsburgh Police and our own people to help keep people safe,” said Baton.

Pittsburgh Public Safety is staffing the area with officers from each zone as well as cycle units and the Special Deployment Division.

“We will keep everybody safe. That’s our main goal. Make sure everybody can express their constitutionals right. People can enjoy their sports,” said Lee Schmidt, Pittsburgh public safety director.

Schmidt says they expect a peaceful event but have a strategic plan in place.

“Be understanding with each other. Be patient and we can all get along and all be in the same space,” said Schmidt.

Public Safety officials are encouraging folks to plan ahead for Saturday.

The march and rally will last several hours in downtown with possible roving street closures from Grant to Market Square entering the early afternoon hours.