How Much Can Shibu Inu [SHIB] Go?


by Mike Magolnick, Flag Analysis

Shibu broke through another high… again, which creates an interesting potential future for Shibu fans and holders.

So how high can it go?  What technicians and analysts fail to realize is that SHIB doesn’t trade based on RSI and MACD indicators. This token moves with one type of fuel- emotion. It’s emotion that took this down to four zeros and it will be emotion that drops more zeros on its way to the Shibu community-designated finish line.

The truth is, the Shibu community won’t stop until this one hits the target of $0.01 and this guy thinks they can get there. Even more, they could get there faster than everyone thinks is possible. 

What about resistance? Of course it will hit resistance. Of course people will take profits along the way and of course you will see consolidation and down markets.

Shibu being added to major exchanges was a huge indication of the potential this token has – and being one of the most active on Coinbase is a much bigger deal than most people give it credit for.

Keep your eyes open on this one. Read their white paper and you’ll see that Shibu has a long term plan also. It is a ‘STRONG BUY’ all the way up to $0.003 and then a ‘BUY’ up to $0.01.

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