‘House of Hammer’ explores love bombing. What is it?

Armie Hammer: ‘House of Hammer’ explores love bombing. What is it?

  • “House of Hammer” (discovery+) explores rape and sexual assault allegations against Armie Hammer.
  • In the docuseries, Hammer is accused of “love bombing” his partners before the alleged abuse.
  • Experts explain the definition of “love bombing,” a common manipulation tactic.

Courtney Vucekovich, a Dallas-based app developer, never expected to be the next love interest of critically-acclaimed actor Armie Hammer. When Vucekovich says he reached out to her via Instagram in June 2020, they instantly bonded.

It seemed too good to be true, for a celebrity as charming and famous as Hammer to be so kind and infatuated with someone he met online. “How could you be this beautiful?” he allegedly DM’d her at the start of their online relationship. These comments about her beauty, intelligence and fast-paced romance were reflective of their flirty interactions, according to Vucekovich.