Hochman: ‘You see how full it is.’ With 25,938 in the stands, frustrated Cardinals frustrate the fans, yet again | Benjamin Hochman


First, consider that they actually scored three runs in Wednesday’s first two innings against a guy in the top five in ERA. Freddy Peralta then left the game with a shoulder injury. This was the Cards’ chance to pounce. With St. Louis up 3-0, Milwaukee would have to fill seven innings with relievers. That’s a lot of innings, even for the mighty Brewers’ bullpen.

But the Cards didn’t score again until extra innings, with a man starting at second.

There were many Cardinals to blame for Wednesday’s 6-4 loss. And some umps, too. There were brutal strike calls — on both teams. But look — Nolan Arenado had a right to be mad about the strike calls, but he was wrong to put himself in a spot to get ejected. Too big of a game. Too important of a time in the season. But Arenado was tossed — which means in the bottom of the ninth, with the game tied and a runner on first, the No. 3-hole hitter for St. Louis was Edmundo Sosa.

Closer Alex Reyes, the feel-good story of the first half, has now allowed 11 earned runs in 13 1/3 innings since the All-Star break. On Wednesday, with the Cards up, 3-2, in the top of the ninth, he allowed a solo homer. Brutal. Then he allowed three runs in the 10th, which featured a Reyes wild pitch and throwing error.

A couple weeks ago, the question was — will Alex Reyes be the closer or a starter next year?