Health experts urge updated shots amid ‘tridemic’ warning


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Health experts have a warning about a “tridemic” as flu season ramps up.

They say this could happen in areas that have spikes of COVID-19, the flu and RSV, overwhelming hospital staff and causing bed shortages nationwide.

FOX 17 talked with Dr. Andrea Hadley at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on Thursday about what the healthcare system is dealing with right now.

“We are definitely seeing high volumes of patients in our emergency departments, in our outpatient offices and within our hospital,” Dr. Hadley explained. “It is causing maybe some delays, longer wait times and delays in getting transferred or getting an inpatient bed once you’re in the hospital.”

Dr. Hadley wants to remind parents who are concerned about RSV that few cases are worth a hospital visit.

She says, if you’re concerned, start by contacting your pediatrician, but if you notice that your child is having difficulty breathing, then you need to make the trip to the emergency room.

Health experts say that the easiest way to help keep pressure off the hospital system is by staying up to date on your COVID and flu shots.

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