Grades, analysis and emojis for all of the moves made on a crazy day – The Athletic


Day 1 of 2021 NBA Free Agency is in the books and we had a very busy day. How busy? Over 50 transactions were reportedly agreed to just in the first few hours of free agency. That gives us a lot to recap in this Day 1 review. We’ve got the big moves, the expected re-signs, head scratchers, signings of great value, signings that could turn ugly, and a lot more. We’ll get through all of them from Day 1 with grades for some and emojis for others.

The big moves of the day

Chris Paul re-signs with Phoenix Suns | $120 million over four years: 

Chris Paul sticking around with the Suns was always going to cost them, and as the president of the players union, taking a big discount wasn’t really supposed to be on the table. While he didn’t go out there and get the full max, Paul stuck around by getting a fourth year that will take him to the age of 40 at Gordon Hayward money. That’s a win for both parties, assuming CP3’s body holds up. The Suns still have extensions for Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges this offseason. They kept Cameron Payne around. Maybe this contract hurts them in a couple years, but we’ve seen “the immovable Chris Paul contract” get moved plenty of times. They’ll figure it out.