Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner Proposal
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner Proposal

Gerry Turner and The Golden Bachelor days are over, but are they really? Bachelor Nation discovered that Gerry Turner’s TV journey was not over yet during the episode, Following the Final Rose. But, before anyone gets too excited about it, Gerry is not heading to The Golden Bachelor in Paradise.


Leslia Nist and Theresa Fhima were the only two women left for the Thursday night finale where Gerry was accused of lying by the end of the evening which was what led him on his way to the next chapter.

Gerry ended his relationship with Leslie. She called him out and said, “So, everything you told me last night was a Lie?” Gerry had already professed love to both women at this point.

Leslie said, “I am heartbroken again.” “But I now have to do it before the entire world so that they can see how broken I am and how no one chose me. “You didn’t pick me — again.” She continued, “And you made me sound like you had chosen me the other night.” “You told me things that made me believe that this would be the end.” “You led me on a path and then took a left turn and left me.”

Gerry rejected the narrative that he was a liar — after all, it’s not like he is the first Bachelor (or Bachelorette) who professed their undying affection to multiple partners.

He said, “You are both wonderful but only one is right.” But clever lines work best when you deliver good news.

Leslie revealed during the After the Rose Special that Gerry left her so convinced that he had chosen her that she began choosing her wedding gown and writing her vows. She described her feelings of being “blindsided by his rejection”.

Gerry apologized for hurting Leslie, saying: “Had I known how much pain I’d cause, I wouldn’t have taken the first step.”

It was a surprise shift that occurred after their Fantasy Suite nights were away from cameras. Theresa said to host Jesse Palmer during the After The Final Rose special that Gerry Turner wouldn’t say what happened, but that she would. “I knocked off his boots.”

Gerry did indeed reject Leslie, and instead proposed to Theresa on one knee — but not without first giving her one his patented clever quotes.

Gerry paused for dramatic effect and said, “I realized that you are not the person I should be living with, you are the one person I cannot live without.”

Theresa said that the newly engaged couple’s relationship has only grown stronger since filming. They talk on the telephone for hours each day. She said, “We’ve gotten deeper and deeper into our conversations.”

Jesse told them they would be going to Italy for a vacation to strengthen their relationship. This couple doesn’t waste any time.

Gerry told Palmer, “We’re going as fast as we can, because at our age we don’t want to waste time. We’re going to get married as soon as we have a plan for our wedding.”

The Golden Bachelor Finale Surprise

Gerry and Theresa, who are newly engaged, have delivered The Golden Bachelor Finale Suprise and have decided to bring their wedding to TV. While many couples wait to decide whether to marry or, more commonly, to break up, Gerry & Theresa have decided to go ahead right away with their plans.

In the wake of the first ever Golden Bachelor, ABC will air The Golden Wedding on Thursday, January 4. The new special follows a couple from the planning stage to the wedding day.