Former Women’s Champion targets Seth Rollins


WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix “officially despises” Seth Rollins after what happened at WWE Money In The Bank 2021.

Tonight at Money In The Bank, the main event featured WWE Hall of Famer Edge taking on Universal Champion Roman Reigns with the latter’s belt on the line. Seth Rollins interfered in the contest to make sure that Edge didn’t win the belt and eventually succeeded in his quest. Rollins’ interference led to Edge getting distracted and Reigns hitting him with a Spear to win the match and retain his Universal title.

Seth Rollins and Edge engaged in a brawl after the Universal title match

Following the match, Seth Rollins came out again and snapped on Edge, after which he confronted Reigns and said that he should have been in the match. Rollins then kicked off a brawl with Edge which ended with the former running away from the Rated-R Superstar. After Money In The Bank ended, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix took to Twitter to post a tweet targeting Seth Rollins. Here’s what she said:

Many fans in the comments were confused about Beth’s tweet and were wondering whether it was directed towards Rollins or Reigns.

It seems like Beth Phoenix is referring to Seth Rollins here as he was the one who interefered in the Universal title match and prevented Edge from winning the belt. He also took out his frustrations on a fallen Edge after the WWE legend went through a grueling encounter with Reigns.

Edge had returned to the ring earlier this year at the 2021 Royal Rumble event. He went on to win the whole thing by last eliminating Randy Orton, and punched his ticket to the main event of WrestleMania 37. Edge failed to win the Universal title at The Show of Shows and tonight’s story wasn’t any different.

As for Seth Rollins, he has a history with Edge and this has been a dream match for WWE fans for a long time now. Rollins has talked about a possible match with Edge in the past and it seems like the WWE Universe is finally going to witness this epic contest at SummerSlam 2021. He was beyond furious when Edge got the opportunity to face Roman Reigns at Money In The Bank.

“No, no, no, this can’t be. You guys must have misheard that. There’s no way. They promised it to me! This is everything that I’ve worked for! I’ve never been more ready in my entire life – mentally, physically, spiritually. I’m ready to be the next Universal Champion. I deserve the opportunity, not Edge.”

What do you think of Beth Phoenix’s tweet? Are you excited at the possibility of an Edge-Rollins clash at The Biggest Party of the Summer?

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