Escaped Alabama murder suspect has extensive criminal history in Tennessee | WJHL


GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Giles County detective who has interviewed an escaped Alabama murder suspect said the fugitive has no regard for human life.

On April 29, suspected murderer Casey White escaped from a Lauderdale County, Alabama jail with the help of a female corrections officer. Warrants have also now been issued for that former officer, Vicky White, 56.

But long before Casey White became the target of the U.S. Marshals and the focus of a national manhunt, he was known around Middle Tennessee as a troublemaker.

Long-time detective Shane Hunter who has interviewed him said he is a predator and has no regard for life.

“He is a con artist, very well versed at manipulating women,” Hunter told News 2.

Hunter’s most recent run-in with White was in December 2015.

After a crime spree in Alabama, White stole an SUV and drove to a rest stop off I-65 in Giles County, Tennessee.

It’s there that White tried to carjack a semi-truck, but the driver made an erratic move and Det. Hunter said, White opened fire. Thankfully, nobody was hit.

“His thought process, people wouldn’t suspect that he was riding in an 18-wheeler,” Det. Hunter said.

Hunter interviewed White after this crime spree in a never-before-heard jailhouse confession.

“I saw the big truck, jumped up, knocked on the trucker’s door. I was going to get him to just drive me,” White told police.

When White was unsuccessful in stealing the truck, he saw a woman in a running car.

Detectives said White tried to carjack a Kentucky woman in her Toyota, firing indiscriminately into her car. Investigative photos show bullet holes in the metal and the glass shattered. The inside of the car was covered with blood. Detectives say boxes piled in the back seat may have saved the woman from being shot in the head. She was shot in the arm and survived.

Again, in the jailhouse confession in Alabama, White casually talked about the gun going off.

“I tried to get in, and she locked the door. And I tried to smash it, and the gun started going off,” White told police.

The wild December 2, 2015 crime spree in Giles County ended when White reportedly pulled a gun on a Williamson County man and carjacked his vehicle.

Alabama lawmen chased White, eventually capturing him, but not before a blistering gun battle that broke glass and puts holes in metal.

“He has no remorse for life whatsoever,” Hunter said. “Anyone he encounters, he is a danger to society. I think if he is trapped, pinned, he will use whatever means he can to escape.”

When asked if he showed any remorse about shooting people, Hunter said, “No. Absolutely not. His main focus was to get away from law enforcement.”

Hunter does not think the manhunt will end well for Casey White and possibly the female former corrections that authorities now believe helped him escape and could be on the run with him.

‘In my opinion, unfortunately, when he is through, with the people who come into his life, he will dispose of them. And move on to the next victim. He is just a predator,” Hunter said.

The Tennessee cases have yet to be tried.

The U.S. Marshal Service is currently offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of Casey White.

According to the latest release, White and former corrections officer Vicky Sue Davis White, not related, were last seen April 29 in Rogersville, Alabama in a gold or copper 2007 Ford Edge.

If you have info, call the authorities.