Crystal Heffner
Crystal Heffner

Crystal Hefner took a look back at her marriage with Hugh Hefner and shared memories, what attracted her to the Playboy founder, and the sometimes complicated dynamics they shared during their 10-year marriage with her stepson, Marston Hefner, on her new podcast, Beneath The Surface.

Crystal said, “It was an exciting first meeting. I was living in San Diego at the time and I had never met a celebrity when I was invited to to my first mansion party. I had to send in my photos and honestly I didn’t believe I was beautiful enough to attend, but they picked me!”

Crystal, who described herself as an introvert in the episode said that it was a “super-extroverted friend” she went to the party with which led her to Hugh.  She remembered a swarm coming from the house into an empty cabana and her friend said, “That is Hugh Hefner. She added, “I saw everyone flocking towards him.”

Crystal was asked what made Hugh so attractive to her and she said that he was “magnetic.” She recalled, “He was magnetic, and that’s what I felt. I felt as if I was being pulled by a magnetic force.”

She agreed with Marston, that Hugh was “awesome,” but she also admitted that some parts of her relationship were “hard.” The 33-year old told her that she felt “conflicted,” when she reflected on her time spent at the Playboy Mansion.

The Massive Inheritance

Marston, who weighed in on the character of his father, praised Hugh for his generosity. He shared that Hugh, as the ultimate bachelor, left behind an inheritance worth a lot to Crystal and all his children. This included Marston’s siblings, Cooper, Christie, and David.

Marston commented, “We were so fortunate. He didn’t need to leave us the inheritance. It says something about him too.”

Crystal Hefner also agreed, “he wanted to be sure everyone was okay.”

Marston continued, “He did, you in particular. He wanted you to be safe and happy, and have a good and fulfilling life.”

Crystal also reflected with Marston on her life outside the Playboy mansion. She told him that she is happier now that she has left, in part because of the freedom that she now enjoys.

She recalled, “I felt like I was restricted.” “It was hard because your father didn’t let me go out after 6:00 pm, so most of the time I was at home before it got dark.” Crystal added, “It took me a long time to understand his personality, but it was difficult and felt a bit controlling.”

The 37-year old, Crystal Hefner, revealed that she had come to understand Hugh over the years, both during their marriage as well as in the time since his death. Crystal started dating Hugh in 2009. Hugh was 60 years older than Crystal. Crystal and Hugh got engaged in December 2010 but Crystal cancelled the engagement just five days before they were to marry in June 2011.

In 2012, the couple reconciled and eventually married. They remained that way until his death in September 2017 at age 91.