County health chief Khan’s claims of racist harassment undercut by video, police testimony | Politics


Khan stood his ground Monday afternoon when asked about the videos during an appearance on St. Louis Public Radio.

“One segment of one video or whatever it may be does not capture my experience that evening,” he said on “St. Louis on the Air,” a program that airs on KWMU (90.7 FM).

Asked by program host, Sarah Fenske, if there was anyone with him who could corroborate his assertions, Khan said there was not.

“It was me, myself and I, thrust into the middle of this situation,” he said.

At the committee meeting Monday, council members heard from multiple law enforcement officers who were there, including Clayton police Capt. Alfred Thuet, who was standing at the back of the chamber at the July 27 council meeting, and security officer Michael Neal, who escorted Khan from the chamber to an elevator.

In response to questions from council members, both men said they did not see or hear what Khan said he experienced.

Thuet said he didn’t see anyone touch Khan on his way out of the chamber, consistent with the KSDK video.

Neal said that there were “a couple of people booing, heckling, telling him he was wrong” on the way out and after Khan gave them the middle finger, one woman came over to the elevator to tell him he’d been rude.