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Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson to meet with NFL amid investigation, claims of sexual assault and harassment


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson is meeting with NFL officials Monday amid ongoing investigations into claims of sexual assault and harassment, according to reports from NFL insider Brad Stainbrook.

Initial reports stated the Browns QB was scheduled to meet with officials in Houston later this week, according to NFL insider Josina Anderson.

The news was confirmed by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who said the NFL declined to comment on the meeting since a review is “active and ongoing.”

The meeting stems after 22 different women filed civil complaints against Watson claiming sexual assault and harassment in 2020 and 2021.

Watson was traded to the Browns in a blockbuster trade with the Houston Texans in March.

Watson was not indicted on any of the charges after the case faced two grand juries, the most recent decision coming on March 24 from a second grand jury in Harris County, Tx.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell previously said the QB would be “unlikely” to face the commissioner’s exempt list while at the yearly NFL owners meeting in March.

The Browns QB has yet to face a suspension and was not placed on the commissioner’s exempt list during the 2021-22 NFL season while he was a member with the Texans.

Watson declined to play through the 2021-22 NFL season.

During his introductory press conference with the Browns, Watson denied all claims made by the 22 women.

Deshaun Watson denies allegations

A Texas judge also ruled that Watson must say whether he had sex with any of the sex with the 18 therapists in a report from USA Today.

As of May 16, the NFL has yet to levy any suspension or punishment against the 26-year-old.

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