Chris Rock dubbed ‘horrible comedian’ for joking about Nicole Simpson’s brutal murder


Chris Rock has been ripped for his “truly tasteless” joke on Nicole Brown Simpson’s brutal murder as he compared it to Will Smith slapping him during Oscars 2022.

The comedian was ripped on Twitter for referencing the 1995 incident during a stand-up show at the Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix on Sunday.

The Everybody Hates Chris star said that he was asked to host the Academy Awards next year after he was smacked on stage by Smith for cracking a joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Rock then referenced the highly publicized murder case saying that going back to Oscars would be like asking Simpson “to go back to the restaurant” where she left her eyeglasses before she was stabbed to death.

Simpson and a 25-year-old restaurant waiter Ron Goldman were ruthlessly killed in 1995 and their bodies were found outside her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

OJ Simpson, Simpson’s ex-husband and the former professional American football player, was accused of the murders, however, he was later acquitted of all charges.

After joking about such a horrible incident, online critics were of the opinion that Smith “should have slapped” the comedian “even harder.”

“Another woman serving as foils for #ChrisRock’s ‘jokes. Dear #WillSmith, all is forgiven,” one user wrote as another added. “The more Chris Rock talks, the more you begin to see why Will Smith smacked fire outta him.”

“I think it’s okay to say now that #ChrisRock is a horrible comedian. One bad joke after another. Nicole Brown Simpson was not only killed but DECAPITATED…. Whaaat? All #WillSmith did was slap your (expletive)!” one angry user tweeted.

“#WillSmith should’ve slapped #ChrisRock even harder for the (expletive) he is spewing,” one tweet read.

Another sarcastically added, “Yeah chris rock – you getting slapped for talking (expletive) and nicole brown simpson’s brutal murder are totally comparable events. great analogy. you totally care about violence against women. fully clear to us now.”

Photojournalist Gregory Anderson said that Fred Goldmon, father of the murdered waiter, should have the “honour” of slapping Rock now over the pathetic joke.

“Comparing what happened to him to what happened to Nicole Brown Simpson is truly tasteless and not at all funny,” he added.