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Lake Tahoe plane crash: Twin-engine jet accident kills all passengers, FAA says

A twin-engine jet crash near a golf course in the Lake Tahoe area killed everyone aboard and ignited a wildfire that was quickly contained...

New rule creates ‘positive pressure’ for vaccines

NEW YORK (AP) — Mandating either COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for the virus should give vaccine-hesitant New York City employees a strong incentive...

U.S. Can Expedite Removal of Migrant Families, Biden Administration Says

The lawsuit has not moved forward as the sides negotiate, Mr. Gelernt said.In an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Title 42...

Trump endorses Ken Paxton over George P. Bush for Texas AG

President Donald Trump on Monday night announced that he would endorse Ken Paxton in the race for Texas Attorney General over George P. Bush,...

New Vaccine Strategy Could Stop Future Pandemics

Fauci backs idea to create 'prototype' shots for 20 families of viruses Source

Tucker Carlson confronted at Montana fishing shop, called the ‘worst human being’

Video from a Montana fly fishing shop shows a man berating Fox News host Tucker Carlson, calling him the “worst human being known to...
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Haiti: US missionaries reportedly kidnapped in Port-au-Prince

As many as 17 American Christian missionaries and their families have reportedly been kidnapped. Source

Johnson and Johnson vaccine recipients urged to get booster shot ASAP

Experts are urging those who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to get the booster shot as soon as possible after a new study...

The Court of Owls Strikes In the New Gotham Knights Trailer

The Court of Owls Strikes In the New Gotham Knights TrailerBatman is out of the picture in Gotham Knights. Regardless of whether you believe that...