Business: Gas prices continue to fall (7/11/22)


Gasoline prices are still declining.

The average U.S. price for a gallon of regular unleaded Saturday was $4.696 per gallon, a drop of more than a nickel since the Fourth of July, reported AAA.

Demand increased in advance of the holiday, which generally leads to upward pressure at the pump. However, decreases in oil prices have more than compensated to push the per gallon costs down.

Nationally, the unleaded average stood at $4.82 on July 2 and at $4.97 on June 2.

A year ago, $3.14 was the average price in the United States.


In Missouri, Saturday’s $4.427 average per gallon price was 11th lowest in the U.S., with the cheapest price in the nation, $4.205, found in both South Carolina and Georgia.

Among the states bordering Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky boast lower prices in comparison to the Show Me State, while Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma reported higher costs per gallon.


According to, Saturday prices were noted in the following communities:

* Jackson: $3.89; $4.26; $4.29; $4.31; $4.32; $4.39

* Cape Girardeau: $4.24; $4.29; $4.38; $4.39; $4.49; $4.69

* Scott City: $4.29

* Perryville: $4.24; $4.25; $4.29

Given the rapid volatility of gasoline pricing and the publication schedule of this newspaper, the Southeast Missourian does not associate quoted per pump costs with specific service stations.

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