Battlefield 2042 is using the ‘Vince Zampella-slash-Respawn model’ now, EA CEO says


Electronic Arts said in its Q3 investors call back in February that the much-maligned military shooter Battlefield 2042 did not meet the company’s expectations. CEO Andrew Wilson cited both technical problems and design choices as the reasons the game “did not resonate with everyone in our community,” although luckily for EA the ongoing success of games like Apex Legends and FIFA meant that Battlefield’s relative failure would have little impact on the company’s overall fortunes.

Despite all of that, Wilson said in today’s Q4 call that EA isn’t giving up on the game, or the series as a whole. “We take a long view here,” he said in response to a question about EA’s relative silence on Battlefield 2042 over the past several weeks. “This is one of the great franchises in our industry, built by one of the great teams in our industry, and our expectation is that it will continue to grow and be a really important part of our portfolio for many many years to come.”