Baseball to Play Doubleheader on Saturday – University of South Carolina Athletics


COLUMBIA – Due to the forecasted all-day rain on Sunday, the University of South Carolina baseball team and Missouri will play a doubleheader on Saturday, March 25, beginning at 4 p.m. There will be two nine-inning games to wrap up the three-game series with a 45-minute break between games.

TICKET INFORMATION: Ticket holders who have Saturday, March 25 SERIES GM2 reserved tickets will be able to sit in their seats for the 4:00pm game until the game concludes and then move to the Corner Pantry Berm/SRO areas.

Ticket holders who have Sunday, March 26 SERIES GM3 reserved tickets can come in for the 4:00pm game and go to the Corner Pantry Berm/SRO areas and then move into their seats when the second game begins.

Season parking pass holders can use their Game 2 or Game 3 parking pass for either game of Saturday’s doubleheader.