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Trump endorses Ken Paxton over George P. Bush for Texas AG

President Donald Trump on Monday night announced that he would endorse Ken Paxton in the race for Texas Attorney General over George P. Bush,...

Floods in Europe and China disrupt global shipping, supply chains

The floods in China and Europe are yet "another body blow" for global supply chains, the CEO of a shipping firm told CNBC on...

New Vaccine Strategy Could Stop Future Pandemics

Fauci backs idea to create 'prototype' shots for 20 families of viruses Source

No one wants to say it: We need to mask up again

A modern-day lesson can be learned from what happened on May 1, 2003. Under a blue sky, then-President George W. Bush was nationally televised flying...

What was Dieter Brummer’s cause of death?

HOME And Away has paid tribute to actor Dieter Brummer as a "much-loved cast member" after his death at the age of 45. He became...

Olympics 2021: Team USA men’s basketball players frustrated with offense amid France loss, report says

Team USA men’s basketball was put on notice Sunday night when the team shockingly lost to France in the first game of Group A...

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The Court of Owls Strikes In the New Gotham Knights Trailer

The Court of Owls Strikes In the New Gotham Knights TrailerBatman is out of the picture in Gotham Knights. Regardless of whether you believe that...

clinton: Bill Clinton to spend one more night in hospital with non-Covid infection

WASHINGTON: Former US President Bill Clinton will spend another night at a hospital in California being treated for an infection, his spokesman said Saturday....

With such a good vaccination programme, why are case numbers here still going up?

s of last Friday, Ireland lay seventh in Europe in one league table you don’t want to be at the top of — the league...