Alex Jones to testify Friday in Sandy Hook damages trial in CT


WATERBURY — Alex Jones is expected to resume testifying Friday on the eighth day of the Sandy Hook defamation damages trial.

The atmosphere in the Waterbury courtroom was heated Thursday as the plaintiffs’ attorney accused Jones of putting “a target” on the back of a slain first-grader’s father. Jones had mocked Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker, and labeled him as an actor shortly after the massacre in December 2012.

A jury must determine how much Jones owes to eight families of first-graders and adults slain at the school, as well as an FBI agent he defamed in calling the 2012  massacre a “giant hoax.” This trial is one of three Jones has been involved in after judges found him liable for defamation damages. In a separate defamation damages trial in Texas, he was ordered to pay $49 million to one set of parents.

The court session Thursday sputtered through objections and sidebars, with the jury sent out of the courtroom three times as lawyers argued about allowable questions and testimony. The day started with Jones seated next to his lawyer, Norm Pattis, and Judge Barbara Bellis going over off-limit topics, including any settlements the Sandy Hook plaintiffs have with other organizations. Some of the families involved in this trial were among those who won a $73 million settlement earlier this year from Remington, the defunct gunmaker that they said unlawfully marketed the AR-15-style rifle that the gunman used to kill their loved ones.

Jones was found liable for defamation in 2021 by default, when Bellis ruled he had abused the pretrial process for the last time. Jones was defaulted and found liable in two other defamation cases in Texas — the case that just concluded with the $49 million award in August, and another set for trial later this year, where a jury will decide how much Jones must pay the parents of another slain Sandy Hook boy.

On Wednesday, parents of two slain first-graders and the school’s principal, who was killed after confronting the shooter, testified about harassment and threats they have endured for years.