A Childhood Sci-Fi Dream Come True


 Sigourney Weaver's Ripley holds a pulse rifle in Aliens while Michael Biehn's Hicks attempts to school her.

“I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine.”
Photo: Fox

James Cameron’s Aliens is full of amazing props. The cargo loader, the alien queen, the dropship, motion detectors, the list goes on and on. But arguably the coolest is the M41A Pulse Rifle. You may have wished for it as a kid—but now, as an adult, you can own a Nerf replica.

Conceived by director Cameron and created by armorer Simon Atherton, the prop in the film was built by combining three different kinds of guns into one. In the story, these were the standard-issue weapon for the Colonial Marines who head to LV-426 and find themselves up against a seemingly unbeatable foe. Growing up, I wanted one these so badly35 years later, they finally exist, albeit in a more colorful format. Nerf has made a limited edition version of the Pulse Rifle that fires different kinds of darts and has a digital read-out—it’s beyond cool. Check out all the slick details…