7 Minors Among the Injured, 2 Dead After Dodge Charger Causes Massive Car Crash in Chicago


A stolen Dodge Charger hurtling the wrong way struck seven vehicles Wednesday, killing two people and injuring 16, authorities confirmed. At least 10 ambulances were needed to assist in the devastating crash that occurred at 5 p.m. at South Cottage Grove Avenue and East 87th Street, Chicago Fire Department spokesperson Larry Merritt told the Chicago Tribune. “Obviously there was a high rate of speed involved, an extremely high rate of speed,” he said. One car “completely disintegrated.” In a press conference, Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown said the Dodge Charger immediately caught on fire upon impact and its occupants were killed. Of the 16 injured, seven were minors and nine were adults. All were being treated after being transferred to local hospitals. Brown said it was a “horrible accident” and said the Charger was traveling northbound in a southbound lane at a “very high rate of speed.” A firearm was also recovered from the Charger. Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot urged residents at the press conference: “You have to slow down,” noting many deaths related to vehicles accidents in the city were due to speed.